We have been busy with our Student Staff Training here at Colorado School of Mines: 5 days with our student Hall Directors and now in the midst of 7 days with our RAs.  The days have been long, fun, and energy-filled.

For all of us that go through these lengthy student staff trainings, we love them.  We love them in a way that cherishes the team builders and bright eyes soaking in the information.  But we also know what we’re getting into with the early mornings and late nights, the questions and the needed support. 

However, amongst these times, I have found comfort in humor about everything that comes across our plates.   

These are my #ResLifeProblems:
  • Moving my cell phone charger to office because I know I spend more time there than at home during training.
  • Doing icebreakers.
  • Eating too much, again.
  • Not finding enough quality bulletin board borders!!
  • Not enough time for exercise? Do a building walk!
  • Your door decs have too much black ink.
  • Not enough glitter.
  • Too much glitter.
  • Oh, another icebreaker?
  • Cheerfully saying to the staff while leaving the office for the night: “See you in 6 hours!”
  • The RA cell phones aren't updated with the correct numbers.  
  • And we need two new SIM cards.
  • Not having a chance to wash your ResLife polo before you need to wear it -again.
  • The difference between hunger and tired is indistinguishable.
  • I have no idea what happened at the Olympics!
  • The closing ceremonies already happened?  Wait, what?
  • Clothes and shoes are sprawled everywhere.
  • There’s no food in my refrigerator, because I never need to eat at home.
  • I haven’t had time to go shopping!
  • “The Knot”?  Yeah!!
  • Hearing “Call Me Maybe” for 30 minutes coming from the adjacent staff room to my office.
  • Professional staff skit for the banquet?  Oh yea….
  • Opening is in 2 days!
Upon reflection, not many of those are actual problems.  (Except ‘time to go shopping,’ obviously.)  I can only imagine that many of you are getting ready for Opening and are fairly busy.  Hopefully, this post was able to make your day epic.  For you ResLifers preparing for opening, feel free to share your #ResLifeProblems with me on Twitter!

Katie Schmalzel        

For live tweets follow: #RAtraining, #Mines, #reslife, #ResLifeProblems

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