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As you may know, there are a number of professional organizations for Student Affairs professionals. I happen to be involved in the Texas Association of College & University Student Personnel Administrators (TACUSPA) and the National Association Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). This year, as a new professional, I decided that I wanted to submit a proposal for the TACUSPA conference in October. Looking through their suggestions for what they would be looking for, I decided to go off of the “Helping and Advising” topic. I started to get really excited when I started thinking about what all I wanted to include in my presentation. I finally decided I wanted to have an interactive presentation that would utilize the NASPA standards for understanding the competency areas of helping and advising in order to assist the participants in understanding what level advisor they are and how to move to the next level. The application was rather simple. Fill out your basic information followed by information to help the reviewers to understand your presentation. This includes a title, a brief summary that they would use for the program, a more in depth summery, and the learning objectives. While I was excited to start planning the program while I was writing the proposal, I decided to allow myself to wait a little longer before planning out the entire program. At least until I hear back. Which should be fairly soon! Are any of you looking forward to submitting a proposal or hearing back from one?

In addition, I have started to think about whether or not I would like to present at the NASPA conference next March. I watched a webinar that NASPA had hosted last week on how to submit a proposal to NASPA and I actually learned that I could be a program reviewer. While I haven’t decided on presenting yet, I believe that I will go ahead and sign up to review some of the program proposals. I feel that it will be a great way to get a first-hand look at understanding what program reviewers are looking for which will prepare me for my program proposals and presentations in the future. Until then, I will just keep my fingers crossed on my TACUSPA proposal and let y’all know if I hear back!
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