Survived Training and Move-In Day

Hall Director Training (check), RA training (check), move-in day (check). I survived! Every institution I’ve attended/worked for is so different, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I went from small private to public to small STEM focused public institution. The days and nights were long but it was awesome to get to know and connect with students.
These students have been going through so many transitions over the past few days. I’ve observed laughing, crying, instrument playing (explanation to come in future post), and goodbyes. This caused me to reflect about all of the transitions going on in my life. Naturally, I started to think about this:
Bridge's transition theory is one of my favorites because it is easy to understand and apply. I can actually track myself in these different phases over the last three months since graduating from SAHE. Folks, I think I’ve finally found myself in the New Beginning phase. Here is an example: 

Mines has awesome traditions, one of which is the M-Climb. Students are asked to bring a rock from home and carry it up to a mountain that overlooks campus. They add their rock to this M…

… and as a group paint the rocks (rumor has it a paint fight typically ensues). Students go back up the mountain when they graduate and get a rock. All of it is extremely symbolic and a big part of the Mines experience.  

I was wrapping up a few things in my office over the weekend when one of the RA’s in my building delivered this to me:

I now have my very own rock! She probably doesn’t realize how much of an impact this 10 pound rock had on me. I am now a part of this important tradition. Today I will be participating in the M-Climb for the first time. I’ll be leaving my rock in my office so I can take it with me wherever I go.

I also went out and purchased my first Mines shirt yesterday. After students moved in on Friday, I started to feel more like a part of the larger community. Maybe it is because I’m not the new kid anymore J.

If you are at a new place or going through a big life transition, I hope there are little things that help you into the New Beginning Phase!

With Mines Pride,

Stefanie Lucas-Waverly

Student Affairs - the First Years

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