Olympics: Uniting the World

Wow! It’s Olympics time again and I can’t help but think about what an amazing event this is. What a great way to remind us that there is more to the world than the country we come from; that we are all humans with goals and aspirations no matter where we come from! I also love how it reminds you to be proud of your own country and even for the other countries which show your culture & heritage! I believe every American I’ve met is all “Go Team USA!” but I have also seen some relate to their heritage and I can appreciate that!
In addition, I have watched the Olympics many times, but I truly feel that my study abroad experience has brought a new perspective to this event. I truly enjoyed watching the Parade of Nations during the Opening Ceremony this year as it was a great opportunity to see so many representatives of the countries around the world. I had a new appreciation of each of the countries showing their pride and culture as they marched onto the Olympic Stadium. I even had a little bit of pride for the countries I had visited last summer with Semester at Sea. It’s really exciting to know that I have met people who are cheering for these other teams. I have also given serious thought into planning on attending an Olympics at some point in my life! I would be so happy to show my red, white and blue to cheer on my team all while being able to meet people all over the world!
Before I  sign off, I just want to give a shout out to my Austin College Soccer Team who got to experience the Olympics themselves as spectators after their international competitions in London! :D
~Jenni with an “I”

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