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Week one of classes is complete at Mines. There were lots of activities, free food, and school spirit. I participated in my first M Climb (blogged about last week) and had a fun time getting completely soaked by our RAs and Hall Directors at the last water station before the M.

 My co-workers and I at the end of the M Climb: Katie, me, Nick, and Teddy!

Students are already packed in the study lounges, forming study groups, studying in the hallways, and taking over all of the whiteboards with math equations. Mines is a research institution devoted to engineering and applied sciences, and it is extremely challenging and competitive. Students feel a lot of pressure to succeed. I’ve had several conversations with students who don’t feel they are “smart” enough to be at Mines. Some students mentioned admissions had to have made a mistake. This was all before classes even started!

Have you ever felt that way as a Student Affairs graduate or a professional? Talking with these students caused me to reflect on my first semester in graduate school. I often felt underprepared and overwhelmed. I called my mom a time or two wondering if I was “smart” enough to be in SAHE or Student Affairs program.

It took some time, but I began to thrive in SAHE when I stopped worrying if I was “good enough” and started focusing on what I truly love. I love working with students, creating innovative and sustainable programs, and challenging students to reach their potential. This is important for me to remember as I try to find my way at a new institution.

I guess we all have insecurities about our passions, whether we are an engineer or a Student Affairs professional. Sometimes you just have to look within. Know you were selected for your graduate program or current position because you are talented, will make a difference at your institution, and in the lives of students you work with. 

I’ll leave you with some words from Katy Perry:

Stefanie Lucas

Student Affairs - the First Years

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