Aloha (Hello and Goodbye)

Saying hello and goodbye is an oddly exhausting experience. The last few weeks have taught me that lesson. Like many of you, I am embarking upon the hectic and active time known as welcome week- for Florida State University, “Seminole Sensation Week”. But there’s an added level of difficulty in my Welcome Week, as it is also a week of goodbyes. Starting after Labor Day, I will be leaving Florida State to start a new position at Emmanuel College, as their Assistant Director for Involvement and Assessment. The simultaneous phenomenon of coming and going- it is quite an experience, let me tell you! This week, I want to tell you what I’ve been grateful for as I stand with one foot in the present and one in the future.

A supportive staff. The thing I love so much about Florida State’s division of student affairs is how supportive it is of its professional staff. Even as I struggled to share my news, worried about how people would react, I was blessed to encounter very little resistance, frustration, or anger at the somewhat inconvenient circumstances.

Competent and patient students. Of the people I was nervous to share my news with, the students topped that list. However, they have impressed me considerably for their ability to roll with the punches, to effectively help each other to transition, and to continue to trust me as an advisor as I hoped they would. I have a standing goal to remain connected with as many former students as will allow me, and I feel as though many in this group will keep in touch. I look forward to the changing nature of my relationship with this intelligent, funny, thoughtful and highly skilled staff.

An enthusiastic set of future coworkers.  I have felt so welcomed by my future coworkers, who have emailed to congratulate me and offer assistance with my move. It’s a small gesture that they made, but it has made all the difference in creating peace of mind as I move forward with such a significant transition. Thank you so much to you all, and I can’t wait to be part of such a caring and exciting group!

My friends and family. The decision to consider, apply for, and pursue this position was without a doubt the most difficult I’ve made in my adult life. But I was given the strength to challenge my comfort zone at every turn by my parents, sister, coworkers and friends. To avoid excessive gushing, let me keep it simple. Thank you. Thank you for supporting me as I hemmed and hawed, flew back and forth, and worked to set up my successor for the coming year. I appreciate it more than any blog post could ever express.

More adventure is on the horizon, and I look forward to chronicling my journey with you all J So hello, goodbye, and stay tuned!

Amma Marfo

Student Affairs - the First Years

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