Goodbye, Summer…Hello Fall

Goodbye summer, Hello fall
Time to welcome students; let’s have a ball
Tis’ the season for new beginnings and changes in your lives
To be supportive of others, and challenging minds

But on the last day of spring classes, I shed a little tear
My students were leaving for summer was here
And while having free evenings felt just so right
I missed being on campus into the wee hours of the night

I cleaned up my office, I got organized
I was really productive, even I was surprised
Took some days off, Reconnected with peers
And blogged experiences from my past two years

The summer was warm, I went to the State Fair!
I slept in on weekends, I had not one care
But something was missing from my daily routine
A change of direction, you know what I mean?

Life is more active at my office and yours
There are students in the building attending campus tours
This meeting and that meeting, and events for the fall
The first day of school is the best day of all!

A wave of new students, their journey they will start
I’ll miss the summer, from the bottom of my heart
But it’s time to get busy with back-to-school woes
Goodbye summer, as you come to a close…

Tabatha Cruz

Student Affairs - the First Years

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