Epic Roll Calls

We finished RA Training. We opened last Friday. And the first day of classes was yesterday. It’s been a whirlwind last two weeks. Even though the training days were often long, residents asked an abundance of questions, volunteers lost items on move-in day, and I ate more ‘bad’ food than I can even remember – there was so much good: new RAs owning at Open Doors (Colorado School of Mines’ version of Behind Closed Doors), returning RAs being good mentors, student Hall Director’s providing leadership to their staffs, and lots and lots of staff bonding!

Also, my staff created epic roll calls for our closing training banquet.

Sometimes I make cookies for my residents and call it #cookieMonday. The Thomas Hall Staff wrote a song about it. The first bit of the YouTube video is to Call Me Maybe. The Cookie song starts around 2:15. 

The Randall Hall Staff put together a fairly epic rap to I'm on a Boat. 

Good luck with training and opening!

Katie Schmalzel

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. These videos were great! Makes me miss my days of being an RA.


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