Groundhogs to Mark the Start of Fall

There are 1000 items listed on my to-do list. There are makers we use as professionals to mark the start of fall and the end of summer. For the purposes of this post, we will refer to these markers as ground hogs. Because, when the groundhogs show, we can use the signs to collectively agree that summer has ended. 

Groundhog 1: Phone Calls, Emails

Fellow Student Affairs – First Years, if you have more than the normal summer wave of emails and phone calls from students, staff, faculty, parents, etc. then this is probably an indication that your summer will end sooner than later.

Groundhog 2: Calendar

If your calendar has suddenly filled with more meetings to come and reminders of things to do, don’t be fooled. It’s a sign from Groundhog 2. The start of fall inevitably means it’s time to once again balance your day with meetings and time to complete work tasks. Look at the signs!

Groundhog 3: Your Own Mouth

When you looked at your calendar and said, “oh crap, I only have two weeks” then you have no doubt confirmed Groundhog 3 with your own mouth. If you used these groundhogs proportionately with a business weekday scale, then you would understand that groundhog 3 is like hump Wednesday. It’s all spirals off the grid from here.

Groundhog 4: Students Appear

Yes, students will start to randomly appear at your office to show their face after the hibernation of summer. This is undoubtedly one of the final signs that the end of summer has arrived. Usually, it starts with the student leaders which are the wave before the wave before the wave of the Hall-Move-In.

Groundhog 5: They Arrive

When Groundhog 5 arrives it’s with joy and sadness. Joy that the students have once again filled the student center, halls, and offices, with the sounds of fall. Joy that it’s time to make many of the summer preparations reality. Joy that we can bring new and revised programs.

Sadness comes not because the students have arrived but because summer vacations turn to sum memories. Sadness brought by the wish for more time. In general we’re not too sad, where we wish sometimes there were more hours in the day, we have a job to be done.

Let the fall semester begin…

Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson

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