Oh Mondays

Most people have a negative view on Mondays. I often hear moans and groans via social networks on Sunday evenings and Monday mornings. This isn’t to say I haven’t also had the occasional tweet or Facebook status dedicated to expressing my desire to have a prolonged weekend. I think we all can agree that the weekends are an exciting time and are often our escape from a hectic and busy work schedules. Sunday evening is our cue that the weekend is winding down and Monday morning will soon be upon us. It is crunch time to complete all of our weekend tasks that we put off or to do start mentally preparing for a busy week.  

Today I started daydreaming (don’t worry, I was at lunch) about what it would be like if everyone was excited about Mondays. What if we heard “Yes!!! It is Monday!” instead of “Oh, it’s Monday? UGH!”? It would definitely put a positive spin on a day we all dread. Typically Mondays are busy, stressful, and long days but aren’t other days just as stressful? I don’t know about you but Tuesdays-Fridays are pretty busy for me too.  

So, here’s my point: let’s get excited about Mondays! Monday isn’t the end to a great weekend but the beginning of a wonderful week. So next Sunday when your weekend is winding down, get excited about going to work the next day and how awesome your week will be. Maybe we can get rid of the negative connotation in the expression “someone has a case of the Mondays” and put a positive spin on it. I highly encourage everyone to get excited about Monday and start your week off right!

 How do you get ready for the new work week? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @amberphillips83.


Amber Phillips 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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