Miss Them

I saw this video that an old colleague and cohort member posted on Facebook. Its title Student Affairs Summer is supposed to be about how we student affairs professionals count down the days for students to leave and then miss them when they’re gone.

I say this video is with good timing that it emerges on the scene because this is the time where we student affairs administrators do miss students and count down the days to the joys of fall.

Fall is my favorite time to be on a college campus. It’s also prime time. Students new and old step into new leadership roles, classes, experiences, trials, and tribulations. We, as professionals, are there for it all. We watch students grow and emerge from their collegiate experience haven developed holistically. We hope that they are prepared to go out into the world and take on life for all its worth.

The more I thought of missing students, I couldn’t help but also think of the year’s events that cause professionals to celebrate the arrival of summer. The late work hours, the impossible situations that our prized students find themselves in, our own growth as professionals, or the exhaustion from nine months of hard work all seem to add up to the need for a summer break.

Nevertheless, come fall, we are ready for the students to arrive back to campus. We will have had time to heal old wounds. We will use the remaining part of the summer enjoying the peace and quiet of the calm before the storm.
However a professional uses summer for his or her benefit, the message at the end of the day is that we do indeed "miss our students." Agreeing with this video by Steve Whitby, it drives home the point of what drove many of us professionals to work in student affairs.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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