If it Doesn’t Happen in the Summer… It Just May Not Happen

I can’t be the only person who is looking ahead to the fall. The mass return of our students will be celebrated at Notre Dame. The campus is filled with an odd quiet in the summer. Instead of college students we have summer conferences and only a few thousand students in summer classes.

When I look at the fall calendar I think of how my personal life will again drastically change. The peace and quiet of summer will be robbed from me in the middle of the night without the opportunity to stop it from occurring. There is no alarm system powerful enough to stop this event from occurring. We student affairs practitioners will inevitably do what we always do – embrace it with open arms. It is for many of us the high that has kept us in this profession. It’s the high that we look forward to year after year.

I entered summer with new professional development goals,  a list of possible vacations and things I wanted to do over the summer. Summer came and fall is fast approaching. I realize that there may not be some things that I will be able to cross off my summer bucket list. I’m also smart enough to know that those things are likely not going to be able to be crossed off once fall starts if I don’t take care of a portion of the pie this summer.

So student affairs colleagues let’s get it done. The professional development presentation that you were itching to apply for at the start of summer, do it. The road trip you’ve been trying to take – just go! The conference position you have kept your eye on – you know what to do.

I have no more than six weeks before my summer will be robbed in the middle of the night. I have six weeks to live it up, to work my tail off so that the fall and spring are a little easier, and that I will have enough time to meet and make new challenges.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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