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This past week was my second week of work and I have very much enjoyed it because I am starting to understand my role a lot more. I walk into work and already know what I need to get done. But of course in Student Affairs, there is always something that pops up to wrinkle plans for the day and the list of things to do doesn’t seem to end even when you just began the job J. Well, I’m not letting that slow me down! I’ve accomplished most tasks and am really getting the hang of my summer conferences duties that are related to my job description. I’ve been able to write out invoices for the camps that have visited and design duty calendars for the student staff as well as the logistics for housekeeping, dining services, security, etc. Our last camp will leave at the end of the month so I’ll have had one month of experience to remember before I get to fully manage (with assistance from my director) the summer conferences next summer.

It’s crazy to think that the students will start arriving in early August… just two weeks away!!! First, we’ve got “Room Preview,” which I have never experienced before. At Texas State there were 35,000 students and about 4,000+ were freshmen so the idea of a “Room Preview” to allow each of them to visit their exact residence hall sounds crazy… They also meet their roommate! But working at a school that has 1,300 students it seems to be a great idea! Then there is Resident Assistant training. Then MY Campus Activity Board will move in to do some team building and planning for the upcoming welcome week and semester! Then obviously the welcome week for the new students and school will be in session! There is so much to look forward to… for now, I’ve begun to start planning out my ideas for the new Leadership Program and collecting information for programing throughout the year. I can’t wait to kick it off!

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