First Fully Completed Program!

As the new Assistant Director of Student Life at Austin College, one of my duties is to organize and oversee summer conferences. The first one I actually have been working on is called School of Missions. My first week here I had gathered some of their information, requests for rooms, and layouts. With this information I began to draft up a plan for the conference based off their needs. In addition, I had been working on communicating all of their needs for the conference to the different departments on campus (lots of work).

Anyhow, I was really excited (and a little nervous) for them to arrive this weekend and see all my hard work come together! I got to meet all the people I had been emailing and calling for the past few weeks and they seemed to be very happy with their welcome to campus. I got to be the professional who walked them through their schedule to verify that their needs were being meeting and they were enjoying their stay. Once the conference got started, it went pretty smooth! There were small little hick-ups here and there, but we took care of them quickly and the attendees hardly noticed.

During the last day of the conference, the coordinator of the group asked me to join them for one of their sessions. He introduced me to everyone and made me blush a little as he spoke about my hard work J It was really great to see how happy they were with the conference I had worked so hard to arrange (logistically) for them. As they left, they were very thankful and I was so happy to see them all leaving with smiles! I feel a bit of accomplishment with one conference under my belt. . My very last conference will be leaving this coming weekend then it’s all hands on deck to prepare for move in and programing!!! Can’t wait!
Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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