Cohort Love

Alright folks, admit it. No need to try and hide the truth or act like you’re not feeling this way. You miss your cohort. Yes, even the most annoying person you hoped would get a job clear on the other side of the country. You miss your cohort.

If your cohort was anything like my cohort, you had your ups and downs.  However, there is a certain bond among folks who spend time learning Chickering’s vectors, studying multi-racial identity development, attempting to ace the law midterm, and practicing writing learning outcomes together.

Now you have packed up your “big green book” and you’re on your way to a new adventure. You’re likely going through some type of transition (see Bridge’s transition theory… one of my favs!). Maybe feeling homesick, perhaps on the way to becoming you’re institution’s number one fan, maybe questioning the decision to move half way across the country to for a new job, or maybe still searching for a job. Guess what, you’re not alone! It is likely one of the other people in your cohort is feeling the exact same thing right now. Heck, anyone who just graduated from a program is going through many different emotions too!

Don’t wait until the next national conference to connect with folks from your cohort. Do it now!

Here are some tips to keep in touch:
  • Pick up the phone and call! This is a hectic time for everyone with training, buildings opening soon, and students about to flood to campus. Your friend in Kansas is in the same boat and could probably use a quick hello.
  • Remember the Facebook group you created before you started your master’s program? Reconnect with everyone this way. They will be happy to hear from you.
  • Send a package in the mail with T-shirt from your new campus to someone from your cohort. Snail mail can be super fun to get at a new place.
  • Can’t remember a part of the Social Change Model? Need advice about how to open a building for the first time? Folks from your cohort can be one of the greatest resources.
Remember, you and your cohort have a common bond that can’t be broken. This is a noble profession most folks do because they care about making the world a better place and want to improve the lives of students. I was lucky to be with a group of people who honestly feel this way.

To the SAHE cohort of 2012, I miss you. I hope the next chapter of your journey is off to a great start!

Stefanie Lucas-Waverly

Stefanie is new to the Student Affairs- the First Year blog. To find out more about Stefanie clickhere.

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