Amazing First Day!

For my very first day as Assistant Director of Student Life I had to start my day off at 6 am… to drive to a conference with my Student Life Office! During my interview I had asked about professional development opportunities and their response was that for my first day I would get to attend a drive in conference for campus activities, and it all worked out!

The conference we attended was QuickSAND (Student Activities Networking Day) at Baylor University. The drive down was really great because we had three hours to do a little bit of bonding and ask all kinds of questions. As we arrived we were welcomed by the live bears of Baylor and a wonderful staff offering breakfast. Even though we had to drive (likely) the farthest, we were one of the first institutions there. After finishing our little breakfast I was ready to get up and start meeting everyone in the room (I’m a BIG W.O.O. for those of you familiar with Strengths Quest so meeting people is one of my favorite things to do).
Michael (my fellow new Assistant Director in the office) and I also met two other attendees who started their professional career off at the conference J. After that, the day incorporated a few presentations on Higher Education issues and breakout sessions for individual interests. I learned a lot about issues other campuses were having and discovered that not many of them would relate to my role now since I am now at a much smaller institution (1,300 students) with very different issues.

I greatly enjoyed being able to share my knowledge of assessment and student issues from what I had learned and experienced in graduate school. However, it did stir up a number of questions for me to ask about my new institution. So, I was an inquisitive chatter box on the ride back to Sherman when we hit traffic but my Director, Micheal had a great plan! . He had packed an ice chest and we were off to a real grocery store: Central Market (HEB)!! I was so excited. For those of you that read last week, I was very sad to find out we had no HEB in Sherman, TX and this week I was so very happy to be able to get my regular groceries and products. I would have to say it was a great start to my professional career.

The next day was a great parade around campus meeting all the staff members (who weren’t on vacation) and getting fully set up in the system. I was so happy to meet everyone on my staff and campus (again… I’m a W.O.O.). The rest of the week was filled with shadowing my Director on some of the duties I would be taking over and getting an understanding of my role with summer camps. It was also a fabulous week to start because we had the fourth of July off for Independence Day (I got to go out with some of the Area Coordinators for some fireworks) and Friday was my co-worker’s birthday (which involved cake and singing)! I couldn’t be more happy to start off my new job with such a marvelous week!
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Student Affairs - the First Years

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