Year Two

What’s up First Years? Some of you like me have recently finished your first year of professional or graduate experience. Congratulations!

For me, the first year of professional experience was about surviving a new environment and getting to know the office. I’ve given myself some lofty second year goals - a few of which include writing for a publication and submitting a couple presentation proposals.

As I begin working on the proposal topic idea with an old colleague, I realize that it is not so easy to come up with a presentation idea. Not only is research needed to form the best presentation but also a sound concept and foundation. I began thinking of all the presentations that I’ve sat through. Some were better than others. As I hope to be the better presentation; it’s exciting to give myself a new challenge.

My freshmen year of college in the marching band I was able to get away with making one or two slight mistakes on the football field during a practice and use the excuse “I’m just a freshman.” Sophomore year through senior year that excuse would not work.

Working on this presentation, I’m allowing myself no excuses. Conferences and workshops are opportunities to connect with other professionals or graduate students, share ideas, bridge concepts, and show off our work.

How are you challenging yourself going into the second year?

Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson

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