Vroom!! Vroom!!!

This week I finally got to go shopping for my very first car. That’s right! I’ve just received my Master’s degree and have yet to own a car. Now that I am starting this new part of my life I have the privilege of owning my own car! Last Thursday, I headed out to check out my first car prospects and take them out for a ride.

Goodness! There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing a car. New or Used? I’ve been looking more into the used cars… but then there is the question of whether or not it is dependable/reliable? What is the mileage? What year? Color? MPG? Does it make you feel good?! So much to take into consideration. And of course, how much am I willing to pay for it?!!! Plus LOTS more! I posted that I was car shopping and I got several comments and recommendations on more things to think about. After doing a lot of research (and with a lot of assistance from my dad), I finally decided on one of two cars! I asked my really good friend, Devanie, for what was to be my last “can I have a ride?” and we made our way to San Antonio to test drive these two J It was between a 2005 Camry or a 2008 Matrix (both Toyota) and after sitting in the driver’s seat (and the back seat), checking out all the details, a smooth test ride, and much thought… I finally decided to go with the Toyota Matrix!!! It was so surreal when it came time to sign all the paperwork and make the payments! I am really excited to finally have my own car/mode of transportation! It’s just one more step towards my transition into my new role at Austin College and I can’t wait!!
Jenni with an “I”

P.S. I stopped at a gas station on the way home and gas was $2.97!! I felt like I struck gold!! :D

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