Vacation Stress?

I said in an earlier post that I wasn’t going to be able to take a vacation this summer. Well, thankfully, I was WRONG! I am actually taking a vacation next week to sunny, warm Florida. I’m ready for the beach, sun, and relaxation time with friends. However, vacations can be stressful. Yes, you are reading this correctly. 

The first stressor is making travel arrangements. Between the flight, hotel, and transportation there are so many choices!! I am not good at making snap decisions so it took me several days to narrow down the best options.  Once I finalized my travel arrangements, there was less stress but I was so anxious for the vacation to be here.

So now here I am, the day before I fly to Orlando. I am so excited but I also have SO much to do. I need to clean, pack, run errands, and make my journey to the airport in the early morning hours.  I get really nervous when I fly so tomorrow morning will be stressful.  I will be thankful for coffee and reading material during my flight. 

Once I am in Florida, it will be a stress free environment but until then I have plenty of things on my mind! When you read this next week, I will be laying on the beach.  :-)

Who is going on vacation this summer?? Let me know where you are going on Twitter @amberphillips83

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