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Hello, My name is Steven Johnson, Coordinator of Multicultural Student Affairs at Southern Methodist University.  This past week I had the wonderful opportunity of attending New Professionals Institute, hosted by NASPA Region III and the Southern Association for College Student Affairs at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina. There I gained advice for new professionals as given by senior Student Affairs officers. I would love to continue the dialogue here and/or on twitter @stevej1914

Some advice I gained/heard at the conference include:
  • New professionals should have patience.
  • Have patience with themselves, their boss, their colleagues, the process, the profession.
  • Learn the political landscape.
  • Listen, observe, be patient.
  • Listen more than they talk.
  • Reacting without thinking, do not do things on impulse. 
  •  Remember the transition may take up to a full year, don’t try to rush the process. 
Steven Johnson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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