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I just found out this week that I have the awesome opportunity to serve on our Professional Staff Training Committee/Task Force for the summer. We will continue the work that the committee did during the year by finalizing the schedule and sessions to be presented to our professional staff. I was super excited about this for several reasons the two most important being I felt this is the continuation of my Professional Staff Recruitment experience and I also would love to continue getting experiences in this area as I hope to see my career continue to grow in the direction of recruitment and training. Yet, as we started summer training a few weeks ago, I found myself curious why as housing professionals do we go through so much training? Are we really just professional trainers? There are a plethora of reasons and rewards of training but as those who plan the trainings there are several things we need to keep in mind:

What do you need to know? What did you really need to know going into the first few days of your job. People say hindsight is 20/20, which is absolutely true, and this is why I believe it is important to reflect on our experiences as we go. I also think in order to be effective in training we should remember not what frustrated us but what was helpful.

How to build a team? Training is a great time for us to build teams. Making sure that we use this critical time is essential for the theme you set for the year. How do you use this time to build a team?

Look for new approaches. How many times have you gone through the same Behind Closed Doors sessions? Not that BCDs are not helpful – they are, but how can we work to make changes to these training processes are innovative, relevant, and helpful. There is no reason to make changes for changes sake – we need to read, share, and plan these changes to make them the most effective.

What do you do to make training invigorating for your staff?

In peace,

Ryan Bye


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