This past weekend I had the fortunate opportunity to attend @NACURH2012 with @TTURHA as one of the advisors! It was a great professional development opportunity on so many different levels. It was a whirlwind of a blast of a weekend. It was a great experience to attend a student leadership conference as an advisor. I was actually one of three advisors from Texas Tech and had the pleasure of meeting colleagues, friends, and other advisors from all around the nation. It was a great way to see how student leadership is addressed across the nation.

This was a great opportunity to run into several colleagues. I even had a chance to run into and meet my #ThursdayBuddy @katieericson for the first time. @katieschmalzel another @SAFirstYear writer came to join us as well! This opportunity truly highlighted the power of networking for me and the many ways, times, and chances we have to network. While conferences are a great way to network I have found so much value in other forms of networking as well. I also believe there is an aspect of networking that we must feel comfortable with.

Engaging in the dialogue. I believe the largest part of networking is engaging in the dialogue with our colleagues and peers – even when we disagree. It is okay to disagree and that is a huge part of networking in my opinion because it allows us as professionals the opportunity to confront challenges and create new solutions. Whether you are at a conference, on twitter, or participating in a webinar it is important to engage in dialogue and let the profession know what you think about a subject – even if your opinion differs or you disagree with the major opinion.

What prevents you from engaging in dialogue? What ways have you found for networking?

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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