Packing, Celebrations, Goodbyes, & Fun!

Ok so for the past week I have been packing up everything I own and getting ready for my next adventure in Sherman, TX as the new Assistant Director of Student Life! I think every time I pack, I can never believe how much stuff I have. I have gotten rid of a number of things and I still have about 30 boxes, 2 shelves, a TV, and my bike to fit in 2 vehicles. I’m gonna make it happen somehow!

In addition to my packing, I’ve been trying to see as many of my friends here at Texas State. This past Friday was actually my very last day working with Career Services and they had a big celebration for me by bringing in a huge breakfast for everyone to enjoy! It’s so wonderful to have such supportive co-workers J. Here’s some of my staff:

Then this weekend I got to see some of my best friends and just hang out with them. One night we all played Taboo (it’s a game kind of like charades’ with words) until 2 am (way past my bed time but so worth all the laughs and good times). I only took one picture that night… with one of my very best friends, Violet who I have been friends with since elementary school!!!

Then I got to hang out with my sisters one last time at Six Flags J. We rode all the rides we could; got stuck on one (not for long); and I even got my mom to join us and jump on a few rides! Here’s me and my sister, Alice, in the spinning 8 ball (The Hustler ride at Six Flags).

It was a fabulous weekend. This week I plan on seeing the rest of my family, finish packing, and saying a few more goodbyes before heading up to my new home! I’m sure I’ll find some great friends, but they will never replace my current friends J.

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