Organize and Clean - How do you do that?

The past few days I have been organizing things within my apartment and trying to keep it tidy. My boyfriend moved in with me in April, and mixing both of our things has become a challenge of efficiently using space. I’m not home much, so the amount of my stuff that piles up is ridiculous to me. However, the reason why I tend to toss mail on my dining room table or the fact that I never pick up my clothes is because I’m tired. I know that is not an excuse to be a slob, but if it’s 9 p.m. and I have to be at work again in a few hours – it’s likely I will not do the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for 2 days. My boyfriend also grew up in a messy home, so my mess is not shocking to him (thank goodness). We knew that we had to come to a compromise about sharing our space. I searched online for tips on how to keep down the clutter, but the main theme I saw was to give everything a home.

We started with clothes that didn’t fit anymore and began to put them aside for donation. Next were paper items and recycling old magazines. Eventually, there came a time when my boyfriend had to decide what he wanted to do with his mass collection of Star Wars memorabilia (cue in Meat Loaf’s
I Will Do Anything for Love). He plans to sell some things on EBay, but he came to this decision on his own. There are Princess Amidala action figures that I want him to keep… (Please, don’t judge me).

I tend to live in a state of craziness due to a busy schedule and random, last minute meetings. My office is my home for most hours of the day, and my apartment is used for sleeping. Yesterday, as I was reading “
7 Productive Summer Activities for Student Affairs Professionals”, task #1 jumped out at me: Clean Your Office. I took a good look around mine and thought “Gee, I can’t even see my desk”. I’ve been busy cleaning at home, that I didn’t even bother to look at my main abode. This week I’ll be going through mountains of paper, shredding, filing, and recycling. Maybe I will deck out my office door with Batman-related items (the new movie comes out this July!). The more organized I can get, the better I can manage my time and be more efficient at the office. 

What are some ways to spruce up your office space to make it a more welcoming environment for students? Tweet your suggestions to me @tabatha_cruz. 

Here’s a daily funny from the new Tumblr blog “what should we call student affairs”. I think it describes my life right now to a tee:

Have a great weekend!

And now to vacuum… 

Tabatha Cruz

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