Recently my friend sent me a video called,Smile or Die, and one of the opening lines stated that as a society we arefocused more on positivity and optimism. The video really addressed this ideain corporate America, but it had me thinking about how positivity and optimismwork within my life. Who knows someone who consistently appears positive oroptimistic about… everything? What is it about those people? How do they do it?I do my best to stay positive and optimistic through all situations (and by nomeans have I mastered this skill) and this is what I have found to be helpful.

Smile.  As I am sure many of us have heard theterm it takes fewer muscles to smile. Well I am not sure if this has ever beenproven by Myth Busters, but from my personal experience I have found that inthe long run it does take less energy to smile. Whenever things are gettingrough or energy is low I try to make sure that I attempt to smile. Mymotivation for this lays in the fact that when I see others smiling I have arestored energy – so why not return the favor?

Walk with your headup. It is easy to get bogged down with to-do list and meetings, but I tryto value the time I have between things. Walking across campus with my headheld up to embrace the energy of the day is something that I have found helpswith keeping a positive energy from meeting to meeting and check box to checkbox.

This past weekend I went on a trip with some of our ACUHO-Iinterns to Odessa and we came across this park! Remember to take some time toenjoy yourself this summer! What do you do to stay positive? Please share withme!

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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