How Quick Time Flies

How quickly time really flies when you’re having fun! This first year of graduate school was over before I knew it, this summer is going to end quite abruptly as well with training, and then I will be starting year two of my masters and assistantship. As I think back on my first year I am so glad of all the experiences I was afforded. Now as I think about my summer I am so glad I got to advise our delegation to NACURH, visit Flagstaff, AZ with a grad school friend to visit my alma mater and old friends, and will be going on a trip to visit another friend in a few weekends. Yet, what does all this mean? New staff and friends are arriving already, training is in a few weeks, and the next academic year is in about two months- I know for some on the quarter system summer may have just started. What I decided all of this means, for me, is I just need to keep on having fun and enjoying the opportunities presented to me. These are the steps I’ve decided will help me stay focused on having a great time and creating memories.

Buy experiences. With no explanation this could sound superficial, but what I mean is when you have some extra funds pay for a trip or an activity with friends – something that will build an experience and memory! While it is nice to get the newest toys on the market, it is equally as nice to have awesome photographs of a great time with friends and family.

Make flexible plans. Just like the next planner I like to have a plan, but to an extent. My plans generally include a list of people, place, and/or restaurants I want to visit. But, I try to stay flexible enough that the minor details fall into place.

Take pictures. I don’t just mean with your camera or phone, but with your brain and eyes. Make sure you are taking the time during an experience to soak it all in. This past weekend I took a trip to the Grand Canyon with a friend and we were running around snapping photos everywhere we could, but we also just took time to chat , walk, and enjoy the moment.

What do you like to do for fun?

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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