Gonna Be a Roo!!!

Remember last week when I told ya’ll that I had 2 interviews? Well BOTH of them went very well… but I was really looking forward to one over the other: my on-campus interview with Austin College. I interviewed for the position of Assistant Director of Student Life which would include working in campus activities, student organizations, summer camps, and leadership development. I drove up Thursday with my sister, Alice, and brother-in-law, Jerry and explored the city a little bit. Austin College is a small, private, liberal arts university in Sherman, Texas. What I found was that Sherman surely is a small city, but there are a number of larger cities surrounding it. Eventually we were starving for dinner so we ended up at Johnny Carino's. We were a bit sad to find out that they did not have the Spurs game on any of their channels… but that’s ok, they had it on at our hotel when we arrived. Of course, I kept looking over every bit of information I could find out about the university prior to my on campus visit, but I really already knew as much as I could. Eventually I drifted off to sleep and had another great dream about my Semester at Sea ship! Those are always great dreams, so I surely woke up well rested and ready for my busy day of interviewing! After a Texas sized breakfast with my sister and brother-in-law, they dropped me off 30 minutes early and I headed out to find explore.

I eventually ended up in their bookstore and spoke with Ms. Alisa who was super sweet. We discussed the university and how much she enjoyed working there. I had a great feeling from her and took that with me as I walked towards the Student Life Office (with the directions she provided). I approached the door and through the window, immediately recognized the Director of Student Life, Michael Dean, who I would be interviewing. I marched in proud and ready for this amazing day to begin!

It started with an in depth conversation about the position and what all it would entail. I was excited that I was familiar with a good majority of the position description he was providing. However, I was MORE excited to hear that their leadership program was not currently in place and that I would get to design the program! This sparked my interest especially because of my recent interest in leadership. This past semester I was excited to be taking a class on leadership development with a great professor of mine (shout out to Dr. Paige Haber). For the end of the semester project we put together a yearlong leadership program for our own institutions. In this role, I would get to apply everything I have learned from Student Affairs and leadership development to create a program for the Austin College campus. Sounded great to me!

After that exciting conversation, Michael took me on a tour of their student center, which is where I would work. I loved the building! [Random note: this university has a serious goal of going green… everywhere we went, the lights were mostly turned off. The rooms were lit by daylight or you would switch the lights on for use then off when you exited.] In the end, he dropped me off with my next interview with a number of Directors from the campus and we had a great discussion about the role and how I would fit in (via interview questions of course).

My next interview was with 2 faculty members and a staff member from Admissions over lunch. I remember thinking the day before how nervous I would be to eat properly while having an interview, but really it was very enjoyable. I was able to direct the flow of conversation for this interview more because they let me ask most of the questions. Plus, any interview that involves cake at the end has to be wonderful! At the close of the meal I was guided over to my 4th interview with the Student Life Staff. It was just wonderful to have interviewed with them because their personalities were very welcoming and it almost didn’t feel like an interview.

Next was my favorite interview meeting with the students leaders on campus! They each walked in and introduced themselves and, again, I was able to guide this conversation with most of the questions for them. I was mostly curious to hear about their experiences at Austin College and what they have all been involved in. It was a great feeling when they started asking questions to me and how I would accomplish the tasks of the job. I could tell that they had a good feel for what my role would be and had even read my resume. I felt a great connection with them!

Finally, I wrapped up my interviews in a meeting with the Vice President of Student Affairs and Athletics, Tim Millerick. Honestly, when I read on my itinerary that I was meeting with the VP I was intimidated. The good news was that he was very welcoming and easy to speak with. He probed me on what I had stated I accomplished in my resume and cover letter and I was happily ready to reply. Michael had pretty much stated that everyone in each of my interviews were pleased with me and, in a matter of seconds, they exchanged glances and Tim stated that they would love to have me on board.

I was thrilled to hear the news! This was very unexpected but they both agreed that from their conversations with me and from what they had heard from the other interviews, they had confidence in me that I would fulfill the Assistant Director role well! Of course I was humbled to hear these words, but I let them know I would like some time to think about it.

Since then I’ve thought significantly about my options and a number of logistics, and sincerely believe this to be a great opportunity for me! I will be accepting the position and I can’t wait to tell ya’ll more about being a Kangaroo (or Roo… that’s their mascot)!!!

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