Every Volunteer Counts

Over the weekend, I saw numerous postings on Facebook and Twitter about NACURH. Hearing about others’ experiences reminded me of my volunteer experience at NACURH last year at Western Illinois University. It was a good volunteer experience and it was great helping with a national conference. Although I was at the conference as a volunteer and not a delegate, I was able to attend sessions and participate in the opening ceremonies. The atmosphere of the conference is hard to forget. People are so excited and thrilled to be at this conference and share their passion for Housing and Residence Life with other motivated people.

This has inspired me to make a pact with myself- to start volunteering again. In high school and during my undergraduate career, I was an avid volunteer. I found myself part of numerous projects and it was something I enjoyed. Now that I have free time on my hands again, I want to start volunteering in my community and in my profession. Whether it is helping with conferences or spending time with local organizations, I want to do my part. Every volunteer opportunity is a way to learn more about myself and the world around me. I’m ready and excited to start doing my part. Who’s with me?!

Amber Phillips

Student Affairs - the First Years

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