Woo! An On-Campus Interview!!

So I have some exciting news! I have not one but TWO interviews this week! They are both small private universities but they are very different positions. One is for a Residence Hall Director position and the other is for the Assistant Director of Student Life which encompasses student activities, leadership development, and summer conferences. I’m very much looking forward to both interviews, but the student life position will be my first official on-campus interview! I’ll drive up on Thursday to stay overnight and be fully ready for a full day of interviews and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it! I was a bit nervous when I reminded myself that it is a long 5 hour drive! It adds to the reality of the situation and that I am committing a lot to getting this job! Luckily, my amazing sister volunteered to drive up with me to assure that I get there well rested and after more preparation I’ll have nothing holding me back. In the meantime, I have and will be doing as much research as I can about the institution and their Student Life Office. I know I’ll be ready and prepared for both of these interviews J I’ll be sure to fill ya’ll in next week on how they go. Wish me luck!

Jenni Kraft


Student Affairs - the First Years

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