Voy a Aprender Español

Hola mis lectores (Hello my readers)! So now that I have finished my master’s program I must say that I am finding that I have time to NOT study… and yet, I want to! I finally am able to dedicate my time to learn Spanish! This has been a goal of mine for a while now and I believe that I have come a long way. I find it so strange that when I was in high school taking Spanish 3 honors duel credit I was still not as dedicated to learning Spanish as I am now! I have worked on it very slowly. Mostly, I worked on it during the winter break. In fact a couple of years ago I checked out Rosetta Stone from my campus library and finished the first level. Taking my time, I would learn some sweet love songs in Spanish and English and I have to say, that’s my favorite way to learn the language! Last year, I was SO excited when I landed in Barcelona, Spain (with Semester at Sea) and was able to have full conversations IN SPANISH!!! I came back and was more inspired to learn and practice. I decided to take one of our Spanish classes and touch up on the basics. Now that I have finished with my classes I’m back on track with Rosetta Stone level 2 of Spanish and its going smoothly. I’m so excited! I think I’ll go ahead and start planning a trip to travel through South America to test it all out! Although, I’m sure this will come in handy all over the world, even in the USA! Boy, I just can’t wait to see where my future will take me! Hasta luego!

Jenni Kraft

Student Affairs - the First Years

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