Showing My True Colors

So this week, as a professional development opportunity with my Graduate Student Affairs Council (GSAC), I got to be trained on how to facilitate the “True Colors” personality assessment. It was really interesting in a couple of ways. First, we learned the background behind the assessment and all the interesting tips that our facilitator shared with us. I really enjoyed seeing the other side of this program.

However, I was more interested by my results! I had taken this assessment every year in my undergraduate and would consistently tie for Orange (outgoing and care free) and Gold (structured by rules and planning). Then my third color (only a difference of one or two points) would be Blue (building meaningful relationships). Of course my very last color would be Green (analytical thinking). They would always say how your colors change as you develop, but I was still shocked when I saw my results this time. I had predicted that my Gold would have decreased because this end of the semester had felt disorganized, yet this was my strongest color by far! I realized that even though my schedule seemed to be scattered, I was still very much in control of what I was accomplishing (great for ending my Master’s program). The next thing that shocked me was that my Green had JUMPED up from lowest to tying with my Orange! While I was thinking about this I truly had to believe that it was my Master’s program that really helped me to focus on my desires to be inquisitive and seek out answers. This has interested/hooked/engaged(not sure what word to use) me in being a lifelong learner!

The last thing that shocked me didn’t actually shock me until we all discussed what our colors were. The facilitator asked “who’s dominant color is Blue?” and all but three of us raised our hands! You see, everyone in GSAC is studying to become a Student Affairs professional and the main color of Student Affairs is Blue! Of course it was the facilitator that helped to normalize the situation with his explanation that we are all a combination of all the colors and that there is not “right” color to be. Then he guided us through ways to facilitate discussions about what these colors mean and how our students could utilize the information with their organizations. I really enjoyed this presentation and highly recommend taking some time to learn how to facilitate it. Not only will you get to learn a little more about yourself, but you will also learn how to implement this information in your future as a Student Affairs professional!

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