Season of Recognition

Tis’ the season for awards, banquets, and recognition. Yet, how often do we view this time of year as the season of stress, never-ending to-do list, and decreasing motivation? While our day-to-day jobs are always exciting and present new challenges, we know that every year there is a beginning and ending to the school year which involves the hustle in bustle. We just celebrated the end of the year as a department this past Sunday night, with our annual End of Year Banquet, which had me thinking about how we view this time of year.

Season of Recognition:

It just keeps piling on – but is this phenomenon isolated in just this time of year? I would argue in this profession the work is never 100% done – there will always be more to do, but during this time of year there are some things that must be completed before our students leave for summer. We need to remind ourselves that the work will get done and while it may be our first time closing a building or preparing an office to transition into summer – it is not the first time this building has been closed or this office has transitioned. I believe you will find the strength and motivation to finish your to-do list! My three tips for managing your to-do list:
  1. Rank the tasks that need to get done in a two-fold order; first by due-date, and second by amount of time taken. This way you will be sure to get things turned in on-time, but you can also modify your to-do list, if getting small things crossed off quick – put those on the top, but if you like knowing you got the large tasks done – put the more time consuming items up top.
  2. Separate things that you MUST do and things that you REALLY want to do. I catch myself thinking of all these things that I really want to do for professional development, to get ready for summer or next year, but I constantly need to re-focus and think about what must get done.
  3. Be kind with yourself. Don’t berate yourself too much. Gently remind yourself you are human and you will accomplish what you set out to do.

As I said we celebrated the successes of our department this past Sunday night with a banquet. I love banquet season because it highlights all the wonderful accomplishments and student leaders (not to mention it’s a great photo opportunity)! I believe this time of year is an excellent time for us to publicly recognize other’s success, but I think we often forget some other forms of recognition during this time of year. In reality, there is not an award for everyone to receive, but how many of our students deserve them? How many of our colleagues have done something extraordinary this year? While public recognition is an excellent thing to participate in. I encourage you to recognize your students and colleagues in an anonymous way. The value lies in both learning how to recognize others without expecting anything in return and allows the recognized to receive recognition without the obligation of thanking someone. Lastly, I encourage self-recognition. This will only help you be further self-aware and will even give you that motivation you need to ride out these last few weeks of never-ending to-do list, stress, and decreasing motivation. I guarantee you have done great work this year and you HAVE made a difference, and you deserve to be recognized. Thank you for the work that you do!

Please share with me how you stay motivated and recognize others during this time of year!

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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