River, Work, Fun, and Future!!!

Woo! You may now call me Jenni Kraft MEd! I’m very excited to say that I have completed my master’s degree, got my diploma, and jumped in the river on campus (a Texas State tradition)!!

After so many celebrations, it is now back to business J I am back in my Career Services Office wrapping up all my duties and putting together a training manual for Eden (my replacement). Working on this “little” task puts into perspective how many different things I have done in the past two years in order to fulfill and improve my job description. I am very much looking forward to training Eden and getting her excited about starting in the office and becoming a Texas State Bobcat!

While I’m not in the office, I am working on more job applications (New Student Orientation and Residence Life mostly… let me know if you hear any openings). I have a million resumes and cover letters and am ready to get my exciting new job. In fact, I have actually started to enjoy the process a lot more since I have more time to devote to it without classes or homework. Having this free time is very different but of course enjoyable! If I want to go for a little adventure or if a friend wants to hang out, I can! I was so excited when my friend asked if I would be available to watch the season finally of How I Met Your Mother with him and I was able to say YES! However, I will not let that freedom distract me from my focus of getting an excellent job. I am eager to hear back from my newest applications and am ready to learn where I will end up! For now, I will float on with optimistic anticipation!

Jenni Kraft, MEd (yip… I had to add it!)

Student Affairs - the First Years

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