The New Guy… Not anymore

Transition has clearly been on my mind lately – a lot. Peers and colleagues are leaving while new ones are arriving, offices and apartments are being switched, and new experiences are breezing through the summer air. This past weekend we had 8 ACUHO-I interns arrive! We eagerly had been waiting their arrival and I know I was ready to start to get to know them. This past week I also started my internship with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. I quickly realized that these new interns might not necessarily be in their comfort zone yet and that I had a lot to learn in this new office as well. These are my unsolicited tips for both being the new guy and being the returner.

New Guy
  • Be yourself. No, really I know this is said all the time, but be you. Maybe you’re worried about fitting in and making friends but in my opinion you want to be yourself through that process.
  • Take care of yourself. There’s probably going to be a few moments where you feel overwhelmed, tired, and homesick – and that’s perfectly okay just remember some self-care can go long way.
  • Immerse yourself. Embrace the experience and take initiative when appropriate. This is your chance to get a new experience and it is your responsibility to ensure it is fullest experience you can receive.
  • Remember your comfort zone. It may take time for the new people to get used to this new experience and take some time for them to feel comfortable. You’re not doing anything wrong, just be yourself, and let them learn all about you.
  • Remember the learning curve. You might be doing something new this summer, even if you’re in the same department, and it might take some time to learn it all, but I believe you will get there in time. So while you’re working on it, don’t forget to take care of yourself.
  • Remember to try. Just because you’re returning doesn’t mean there aren’t new things for you to go out and explore. Immerse yourself in this newness and get those new experiences!
  • What strategies helped you as the “new guy” and as a returner, what are some challenges you faced? I would love to hear!

In peace,

Ryan Bye


Student Affairs - the First Years

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