I feel as though we move constantly in Student Affairs: for graduate school, for jobs, sometimes within jobs. I am currently in the midst of moving apartments, which I am pretty pumped about. I helped design my new place for the renovation, I picked out the furniture, and it’s amidst the buildings I supervise. While this is all fun and dandy, I am also moving. Whilst moving, here are some things I have learned:

(Warning: this is not inspirational, it’s sarcastic because I am exhausted from packing and lifting and moving and unpacking.)
  • I have moved at least once a year for the past 7 years. You think I would be an absolute expert at packing. It still always takes WAY longer than I expect.
  • I also have WAY more stuff than I thought I had. I continue to accumulate a ridiculous amount of things: some awesome, but mostly just a lot of crap. And yet, I have trouble letting go of some of it. But not all of it. I have thrown out many so many things in the last two weeks. Most of which were over due to be tossed.
  • Unpacking and finding new spots for everything is more time consuming (mentally) than packing.
  • Next time I move, I am starting fresh. I am going to roll up in Lucy (my Kia) with my cell phone, credit cards, and a smile when I obtain my next job in a few years. Oh, and probably my shoes. Bins and bins of shoes. Everything else is replaceable.
  • Never forget snacks when you move. Grumpy packing is NOT fun.
  • Lift with your legs, not your back. I thank my love of working out so I can do this with super heavy boxes. Those squats are paying off.
  • I found clothes from high school I still fit into, and one dress from fifth grade I also still fit into. I think that’s about when I stopped growing. (I’m fairly short.)
  • That whole cleaning thing after packing everything up still gets me.
  • I should be in bed. About an hour ago.
Katie Schmalzel

Student Affairs - the First Years

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