Looking Back

My blog this week is more of a reflective piece then discussing a Student Affairs topic.  Over the weekend there were numerous graduation ceremonies across the country.  The college I work at had their graduation ceremony and a few hundred students celebrated two (or more) years of hard and dedicated work.  At my alma mater, there was a huge ceremony as well.  Some of my fellow Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) cohort members graduated.  Congrats to all of the graduates!

I started reflecting on my life at this time last year.  I was close to graduation (I graduated in July) but still had a few classes to finish.  I was busy working in the Financial Aid Office and continuing to job search.  I was also saying goodbye to dear friends who were starting jobs before graduation occurred.  It was probably the most stressful time in my life but also the best.  Now as I’m reflecting on my life a year ago, I’m realizing how far I have come.  I have also been through my first academic year in my first professional job.  It is my fourth academic year working in financial aid.  I have made amazing friends and have settled into my adult life.  It is a big accomplishment!

As I think about my friends across the country and how far we have all come, I am very proud.  We have all accomplished so much.  We all started graduate school in August 2010 and almost two years later we are all successful Student Affairs Professionals. I am excited to see how much success we all have in the next year! 

Amber Phillips

Student Affairs - the First Years

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