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The most dreaded week of the year is here: FINAL EXAMS WEEK! The students are packing up their rooms and moving out. They are loading up on energy drinks and snacks to make it through the day. The UNI campus is one big buzz as the students prepare to leave for the summer months. It’s a bittersweet moment because while I’m happy this rollercoaster of an academic year is coming to a close, I’m sad because come this time next week, it’s going to be so quiet!

As a child, I was always sad about summer vacation because that meant I wouldn’t see my friends for 3 months. I used to spend most of my day watching TV or doing chores for my mom. When I was in college, going home for the summer meant hanging out with my family on the weekends, and working at my summer job. Now, my summers consist of planning events for the following semester and finalizing contracts. However, I still can’t help to feel the summer blues. What am I going to do without students for 3 months?

I know many of my posts for this blog are related to work/life balance nightmares, but deep down, I know I enjoy being busy. At times, especially when other aspects of my life are challenging me, being busy is what gets me through the day. Last week was one of those weeks. The family dog died, my mom broke her hip during a fall, and my boyfriend and I moved in together. Thankfully, last week brought along 3 transfer orientation sessions and a group of community college students from Texas who were visiting campus on an admissions trip. In between talking to parents, interviewing students for a scholarship, and listening to students vent about finals week, my brain decided to go on overload. Opening the door for germs, and what do we have? A hoarse-sounding, sleep deprived employee (and I’m still in the office working because I don’t know any better). But the end of the semester is here…I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, right?

The students have been shuffling in one by one, to say goodbye before leaving. My freshman students are ready to take on the world when they return this August. My sophomores have plans for new initiatives in their student organizations. My juniors are doing internships this summer. My seniors are graduating…all is well in the world. When I graduated with my Master’s degree, I was hoping this next portion of my life would be a grand adventure. Life certainly had lots of great moments in store for me this year. I only hope that next year I can become a better professional and to continue to carry on the mission of working in Higher Education. My students are always at the center of everything I do, and the expectation I hold myself to is to help the students find what their next adventure will be.

With a tear in my eye, and a sniffle in my nose, I close out the 2011-2012 academic year. I’m ready to take on the summer for a change, in hopes of being a better professional and a better ME, and focus on what I can work on to be, and to do, better.

Congratulations to all who are graduating, and can’t wait to meet the incoming Class of 2016 :]

For now, enjoy another graduation song…

Tabatha Cruz

Student Affairs - the First Years

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