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In sports the off season is a time to heal and train for the next season. In many ways for student affairs professionals, summer is our off-season. How do you plan to heal and prepare for the fall?

“I just think overall a lot of it has to do with conditioning and players putting in the time and the effort in the off-season to keep themselves in condition for 12 months a year” said Mark Messier who is considered one of the greatest NHL players of all time.

In the balance between work and life, I weighed my options and this summer will be filled with as much life and play that I can fit into it. Summer is a time of healing, I plan to take vacations exploring the Michigan shore line, Chicago, festivals, intramural sports, recreation time, summer music festivals and whatever else I can conjure up for summer plans.

HEAL – Fellow First Years, now that the off-season is rapidly approaching like a wave that hits you when you’re not looking, it might be a good idea to join me in planning your summer adventures. For some of you there may be times when it will be best for you to be around the office than to visit Florida hoping to strike new memories with graduate friends. Ask your co-workers and your supervisors what might be the best times for vacation dates and get them in early enough that your office can plan for you missing a day here and there.

TRAIN –The summer for some professionals and graduate students can be a time to prepare for the fall and the next work or career steps. I have a list of professional development, office, and advising goals for the summer in preparing for the next academic year. Also, I’ve been contemplating my own future. It’s been in the back of my mind since I started and it may be also for many readers of this blog. Where am I heading after my first professional position? What location? What job category? Have I gained everything I need to continue to move forward in my career?

This year I blinked and year one as a first year professional was done and there’s no telling how fast the next years will fly by. I may not know exactly what I want to do next in life, but I’m figuring it out. I know what competencies I want to strengthen and areas I want experience. I’ve challenged myself in different areas as I sometimes can be my biggest critic. This summer will be filled with healing and training. It’s a great opportunity to become stronger as a student affairs professional.

For all of my student affairs colleagues, I wish your summers well. Take this time to make of it with what you wish and enjoy.

Joshua Wilson

Joshua Wilson

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