Don't Know What To Do With Myself

All through undergraduate and graduate school, I always had someone helping me figure out answers to questions I had about what my next move would be in my future. It was about what next practicum opportunity to work towards, what research topic I would use for a final paper, or how to boost up my resume. Now that I am concluding my 2nd year as a professional, I’ve started wondering what I should do next.

As I see many of my peers either starting a family, or starting new jobs, I fear that I’m a bit stagnant in my life at this time. Yes, I understand that I may not know everything there is about my job. Sometimes I feel like I’m not learning anything new. Maybe it’s because one of my top 5 traits from StrengthsQuest is that I’m a LEARNER and I crave for sparks to fly in my brain over new information. Google can only keep me going for an x amount of days, but I need interactive learning!

I remember being told in graduate school that the “first years” lasted 0-5 years in Student Affairs. Everyone told me that the first year on the job was to get settled into your new role and to learn your job. By year number two, I should know how to do my job and well, I have even asked for more responsibilities in my job. I am ready to start year #3 in July. Should I be looking in going further up the administrative ladder? Should I even be thinking about a PhD? Should I be conducting research right now? Should I stay put in my current position? Maybe I just need a hobby? Decisions, decisions…

I’ve had some people ask me through my academic journey “What are you rushing for?” I started college right away a month after my high school graduation. I also spent a 5th year in college. I moved on directly from bachelor’s degree, to an internship, to graduate classes, to a practicum experience, to master’s degree, to my job. I never considered myself to be rushing through life, but when it came to my career, I felt I was right on track. Now, I’m not so sure anymore. You know that saying “It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint”? Did I just hurt my Achilles in the 800 meter?

If anyone has some advice to give me, please feel free to share it with me on Twitter @tabatha_cruz J

Song of the week: “I just don’t know what to do with myself” by The White Stripes


Tabatha Cruz

Student Affairs - the First Years

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