2 Weeks of Celebrating!!

Hello loyal readers. This week is my official week of graduate school and I’ve already got so many celebrations to go to. Yesterday, Texas State University held the traditional Ring Ceremony and I was very excited! I was the first one to receive the ring this year because I was the first student to complete our “Gold Book” or list of traditions to complete while at Texas State. They started it this year and I was determined to finish it before I graduated. Since I completed it, I got my class ring for FREE and I will get a nice medallion to graduate with as well!

This is me and one of my residents, Lucy, with our new rings!

Today is my last presentation for my Master’s program. It’s a fully developed yearlong leadership program with first generation college students as our targeted population. We are touching up the finalizing details and I am looking forward to presenting it to 9 campus department leaders for their approval (maybe they will actually implement it next year). My very last paper will be turned in tomorrow, as I enter Mamacita's Mexican Restaurant for a closing dinner with Dr. Joanna Smith, Vice President of Student Affairs and my current professor.  On Friday, another wonderful professor, Dr. Paige Haber, will be having us over for the “Wolf Pack Grub Down” to her house to celebrate our accomplishments as we make calzones and hang out at the pool! (Side note: Wolf Pack is our cohort name).

Oddly enough, no celebrations for this weekend… however, next week is full starting with Monday, May 7th, our Graduate Student Affairs Council potluck dinner when we get our graduation stoles! I’m looking forward to passing on the “2nd years” title to the “1st years.” They are growing up so fast! Tuesday, May 8th, the graduate program is putting on a celebration dinner for us and will be announcing graduate student of the year (fingers crossed)! Wednesday, May 9th is our Lavender graduation for the Allies of the LGBTQ community. Thursday, May 10th at 10 am is my OFFICIAL Graduation Ceremony! You are, once again, all invited to attend! Then lunch with the family followed by the Multicultural Student Affairs Graduation dinner at 6pm! Goodness!!! And if that wasn’t enough, my family is holding a little BarB-Q for me on Sunday! I’m glad I have so much to celebrate after all the hard work it took to get to this point. I also feel very blessed to have so many people to celebrate my successes with! For those of you thinking about getting into a master’s program, it’s very much worth it! The two years will fly by fast and you will learn so much! Remember to enjoy every challenge and success while you are in it. Good luck!

~Jenni with an “I”

Student Affairs - the First Years

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