Work Hard… Play Hard!

What an exciting week I’ve had! First, I had my very last job fair to close up my events as graduate research assistant at career services. I still have plenty of work to do though J And, as my readers know, I have been preparing for my wonderful final compositions and defense for my master’s program presentation this week. I had an incredible time diving into my case and exploring as many perspectives as I could, but in the end I presented my faculty with my response to academic dishonesty and how it affected “my” residence hall. It was a very interesting feeling this week as they came closer and closer by the hour. I was rather shocked by the calm feeling I had with what I was going to be presenting.

Even the day of my comp, I was cool and collected as I sat in the waiting area for Dr. Carpenter to come collect me… even as I presented the information to my faculty… even as they questioned my decisions (while I would agree, even they had more perspectives than the 7 others I interviewed) I was prepared to respond. I passed my comps and in all honesty… I had expected nothing less. At first I thought that this was some sort of cocky feeling, which is very much not my personality which puzzled me. Then later I realized that I was genuinely prepared for my compositions just as my professor had been telling the class all semester! It was an invigorating feeling to have completed comps and know that, for sure, I will be graduating on May 10th, 10 am (you are all welcome to come)! It was such a wonderful feeling… but there are still other classes to complete! I still have 3 more group projects a final paper and a handful of small assignments… but then I’ll be an M.Ed.!!! I’m very much looking forward to it!

However, since I worked so hard these past couple of weeks… I got to play hard this weekend!! So on Friday I went to my very first concert with my best friend since high school, Stephanie! It was a Gary Allan concert in San Antonio, TX and we had so much fun! I actually only knew 4 songs, but the crowd and company was the best!!

Then, after some studying and reading, I got to head out to the Strawberry Poteet Festival with some of my very good friends to enjoy amazing strawberries, and carnival rides food and fun!!

And finally, my boyfriend actually took me for my first horseback ride through some beautiful scenery. I don’t have any pictures from that because I didn’t want to let go of the reigns J. Basically, I got to truly celebrate passing my comps… as well as my birthday! It’s TODAY by the way (April 18th)! I hope you all have a marvelous day!
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