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I’ve been at my current job for about 8 months and have had some pretty awesome moments during that time. I recently set some goals that I will accomplish in the next year, and it led me to think about all that I have accomplished in the past year. So, for this week I want to focus on the things I have accomplished, am proud of, and are just plain exciting! So, the top 5 are...

1. I am most proud of is turning my past experiences into my current success. When I started my job, I had previous experience in financial aid. I heavily rely on those experiences and continue to build on that knowledge. I will never forget my experience during my undergraduate work and graduate school experience. It made my professional experience a smooth transition.

2. I am so happy to have health benefits! One of the most exciting things about a professional job is having benefits. Not only does it make you feel as an adult but it also provides you with independence. In graduate school I did not have health insurance so now I don’t have to worry about falling ill.

3. Attending NASPA! I had a great time attending the annual NASPA conference. I was able to catch up with old friends and make new connections. I learned more about Student Affairs, my region, and how to get involved outside of my own field within the profession. I am hoping to get involved within my region (IV East!) and possibly present at a future conference.

4. Building confidence. Everyday I am building confidence not only in my job but also in my day-to-day life. I feel as though I am continuously learning more about my abilities and myself. Whenever I work through a complicated situation or problem, I get so excited and it continues to build my confidence levels. It is a great feeling to have and hope it continues to build.

5. And one of the best things is building connections. I have made so many connections within the past several months. Between my coworkers, student assistants, people at NASPA, in my community, and students I see everyday, I truly feel blessed to have these connections. One of the most attractive parts of this profession is the ability to meet people and make long lasting impressions on another person’s life. It is an amazing feeling and experience to have.

Making a “top 5 list” was really fun and gave me a chance to reflect on the past few months. It is going by so quickly! I want to be sure I remember all of the exciting moments. Whether it is through blogging, journaling, or simply reminiscing, I would encourage everyone else to do the same.

Amber Phillips

Student Affairs - the First Years

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