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As many of you have probably heard, or experienced, as an SA grad or first year professional we often perform tasks that are not always in the job description. I know that this was an ongoing joke in my cohort, as we figured out where we fit in with our assistantships and onward to our new jobs.

As the job search started to heat up last month, my boss announced days before The Placement Exchange (TPE) that he would be leaving his position as Associate Director of Residence Life and looking for a new job. While it took us all for a shock, which is another blog for another day, immediately his boss, the Director of Housing and Residence Life started to see what areas the Resident Directors would be interested in taking over that had been assigned to my boss. Right away we started dividing responsibilities that our boss had been overseeing, and I was nominated and asked to advise our Residence Hall Association.

I was ecstatic to help out with RHA, as it is the student organization that I got my start in Student Affairs with. Also, here RHA holds a special place in my heart as we are in the IACURH region, which is the same region that my beloved undergrad institution, University of Utah, is part of.

After I got over the initial excitement of this new task, I realized very quickly how much more of my schedule this would take up, more time than I thought. While it was an exciting time, my inbox was being inundated with emails I was being “CC’ed” on, three or four more meetings a week were being added to my schedule, and many more decisions I was helping make would start shaping the future of our RHA next semester.

While I was lucky to get involved with something that I had wanted to since I moved to New Mexico State, it has become a very time consuming job that was most definitely not in my job description. But it has reminded me why I love this profession, and how exciting it is that I am able to give back to the organization that I started out in, even in the smallest ways. I cannot wait to see where this extra bit of my job takes me, and I hope to see some of you in Boulder, CO for NACURH 2012!
Also, I’d like to brag a little bit of completing the second SA First Years Challenge! I hope you all were able to take part in the second challenge and get those legs working! While the weather has been a little crazy the past few months all over the country, I hope you were all able to get out and walk, run, skip, or whatever was easiest, and get out for a mile. I was able to participate in another 5K this past weekend, got my best time yet! It was mostly thanks to the fact I had a staff bonding activity an hour after the start of the race, and had to get back in time, but regardless, mission accomplished! 

Katie Ericson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. See you in Boulder! That is such an awesome experience! We should have an advisors tweet up/Social Media/Blog up at NACURH! - @byebyeryan


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