I Found the Golden Egg

This past week has been pretty demanding with school work, compositions, hosting my largest job fair, and trying to relax a little when possible. So when Thursday came around I knew it was going to be a very long day, yet somehow I woke up too early and arrived on campus 30 minutes early.

Wanting to start my day off casually, I thought I would skip my short-cut path to work and go for a stroll through the quad. It was about 7:30 in the morning so there weren’t very many students walking around, but I did enjoy the lush scenery. At the very edge of our quad is our famous “Fighting Stallions” and I was admiring them for a few seconds when I noticed a shining golden egg at the bottom!!! I thought, “Am I supposed to pick this up?!” Honestly, my heart started pumping a little stronger and I got more and more curious as my hand reached out to grab it! Picking it up, I realized that this weekend was Easter and someone must have put out some eggs for a hunt! I cracked it open and was excited to reveal a rolled up paper wishing me a “Happy Spring” and letting me know that my discovery was a certificate for a $5.00 gift card to the University Bookstore! I got SO excited!! I felt like I had just won a fun little game show or something! It really woke me up and brightened my day. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to be home until 9:45 that evening, but the day had so much more potential now! I was so happy that the bookstore had taken time to put this little scavenger hunt together that I hopped over to the nearest computer lab to share my findings on Facebook and Twitter.

Reading the news feeds I found out that the bookstore had hidden over 50 eggs with a variety of prizes (t-shirts, coupons, gift cards, etc.) for the students to find on campus. I truly appreciated it and from all the comments I read, others were too! Some students found out about it on Facebook and headed out to find them, while others were like me and found them unexpectedly. I wanted to share this because of the effect it had. I’m sure this was a project that took planning, proposals for donations and waking up earlier than the students to hide the eggs, but in the end that little gift can really brighten someone’s day. Student Affairs professionals are the kinds of people that want you to remember the joys of spring… maybe it reminds you of Easter (even if they can’t officially say it), or perhaps just remind you that flowers are blooming and to have a wonderful day. Either way it got my mind off of my papers, presentations, meetings, work, and class for a few minutes to enjoy the day! I hope each of you find a “golden egg” this week and remember to stop and smell the flowers this week!

Jenni with an “I”

P.S. I totally bought my graduation tassel with my $5.00 gift card!!! Now I just have to finish Comps and the last 29 days of my master’s program. So excited!

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