Game of Luck and Life

This post will start off with a confession- I bought three Mega Millions tickets on Friday. Why now? I blame it on the hype. I’ve been living in Tennessee since August and that was the first time I’ve approached the register asking for lottery tickets. Growing up in Alabama, we didn’t have the lottery and it was a vague thing to me. So naturally, I had to ask a coworker how to buy lottery tickets. It seemed pretty simple- go to a gas station, buy the tickets, and wait for the numbers to be drawn. Not overly thrilling, but still fun just to say I participated.

My motto for life? “Everything happens for a reason and it’s all in control by the Big Man upstairs”. I’m at my current institution because this is where I’m supposed to be. This is where I can make the biggest differences in the lives of students. I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier than I am in my life at this very moment. I’ll admit that growing up I had a few trinkets I believed to have good mojo- earrings, shoes, and hair ties. But as I get older, I am finding ways to make my own luck.

In my opinion, Higher Education is all about connections. That can be said about most fields but in ours if you know someone, you’re good as gold. That’s how I found out about my current job. The guy who was my Admissions Counselor in high school now works at my current institution. We kept in contact over the years and now I’m in my dream job! All it took was a little bit of faith and the opportunity coming at the right moment.

As I’m writing, my thoughts go back to the jobs I held before this one ranging from childcare to retail to banking. I grew frustrated because I knew something bigger and better was out there, I just couldn’t reach it. My father kept reminding me that it would come when the time was right. So the harder I kept working and the more I kept praying. Then PRESTO! Two years after graduation, I snagged my current position. Some may call it luck. I just call it life as a Student Affairs professional.

Disclaimer- I didn’t win Mega Millions. Sorry to keep y’all in anticipation the entire time :-)

Kristen Chapman

Student Affairs - the First Years

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