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About a month ago, I compared the job search process to training for and completing a half marathon. In this post, I discussed family and friends’ cheering me on during the race, but it is also important to mention that sometimes, you have friends and family members running step by step with you in the race. The process becomes a little easier to chew if you are going through it with a friend or family member.

This past weekend, I set out to run my first big run since 2008. I was ready to conquer the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon in Springfield, Illinois. But I wasn’t doing it by myself. My twin brother, Jeff, agreed to run the race too . However, to my surprise, he told me the night before that he would run it next to me in order to make sure we both finished. I knew this would lower my brother’s finish time because he had previously run half a dozen half and full marathons. Just like having friends and family members with you through the job search process, I knew this run would be more manageable with support from others.

We set out at 7:30am when the race started and ran for the next 13.1 miles. During the race, I felt a mixture of feelings and emotions. Just like during my job search, exhaustion began to set it. I sometimes felt like it was easy to just stop running and walk the remainder because of it. It was reassuring knowing that I was running with someone and that he wasn’t stopping as long as I kept going. (And truth be told, there was no chance of me stopping as long as he was running…I guess it is just a little brotherly competition.) As we neared the final portion of the race, he asked me what pace I wanted to finish the race at, when I told him, he informed me that we had actually been running 40 seconds per mile faster than that for the last portion of it. When we were ready to cross the finish line, my brother took a larger step so that he would finish the race first (again, more brotherly competition). Little did he know; he had actually put one foot past the start line before me, so our times were the exact same. After finishing the run, I immediately felt successful. All of the tired feelings seemed to disappear and all I felt was a sense of accomplishment.

This is a lot like the search process with friends. Sometimes, friends and classmates will finish first. This, however, shouldn’t get you down though, because as was the case with this run, you may have to take an extra step, but you will finish the race. Morale of the story is that around this time, friends and classmates may start to get offers as you come to the end of the race. Don’t get discouraged, stay positive, keep running, and you will finish the race strong at your pace (and find the right fit).

Joe Volin

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. Great job at finishing the race! A friend and me have started running and want to do a marathon before we graduate from our program here at Texas Tech! Thank you for sharing and making such an awesome parallel!

    P.s. Totally had the same title for a piece I was working on about finishing the year! Great minds think alike!


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