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Over the past few days, I’ve had some conversations about job searching and what is important to the people searching. I just wanted to touch on something that I think is very important! One of the most important aspects of the job search is finding the institution that is the best fit for you. During the job search process, many people told me to be sure that there is a good fit before accepting a position. I knew that this was important but I was unsure on how to recognize my fit.

I think it is hard to recognize this fit based on the job description or the institution’s website. From my experience, you start to feel a sense of belonging or that the institution will help you reach your goals during the interview process. Now many first interviews might be phone interviews so it can be difficult to judge this but I was able to tell by just some of the questions that were asked. During an on campus interview, you can decide how well you might fit in by the people you meet, the surround area, or how you feel on the campus. The on campus interview I had for my current position I felt the most comfortable and I was right! Of course, I feel very lucky and extremely grateful to have found my fit. I hope everyone finds the right fit but I know it is not always the case.

There is more to fit then just the institution, department, or the co-workers, you also need to be sure you will enjoy the city or town where the institution resides. For some people this can make or break a potential job so it is important to consider. So my advice is to take time to research the area surrounding the campus, ask questions about the community, and take time to explore before or after the interview. For some of my colleagues across the country they are having a difficult time adjusting to the city around the college or university. So, if you are currently job searching this might be something to consider. Be sure to ask questions, consider all of your options, and follow your instincts in finding your fit!

Amber Phillips

Student Affairs - the First Years

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