Day One vs Today

When I first started my position the second week of August 2011, I believed myself to have an idea of what my job would involve. Even after reading through the job description and the on-campus interview it wasn’t until I began working in my position that I really saw and understood what my job entailed – maybe that’s just me.

Day one, I got lost walking around campus. Thank goodness I saw a co-worker on campus to point me in the right direction. Shout out to David! Today, I’m giving out directions to those lost visitors. I’m no tour guide, but I’ve got the basic information I need.

Day one, there was an empty office with files that were passed down. I remember thinking thank goodness the person previously was organized! It also helped that the previous me is one of my current supervisors, shout out to Amy!

Day one was in the summer and I had just a few days to get situated and organized before the students returned. There was a blank bulletin board, a bookshelf, table, and desk. The desk was positioned along the wall, I never really thought how I would arrange my office if I had an office. Day one, I had an office! Today the board is filled with memorandums from students and events and programs over the course of the fall and spring semester.  

Today, my office feels much different with the life that students and I have brought to it. From pictures that say thinks like “Josh Rox Our Sox” to a medal I received from a student group who planned a half marathon. This office has personality and love that I couldn’t give it on day one.

Day one, there was a plant from my supervisor. Today, this plant has outgrown its pot. I sometimes think of its growth in terms of my own growth since joining the Notre Dame team. I grew in areas that I needed to grow and there is still much more to learn and experience.

Day one I had lunch with co-workers. I had no idea how often we would have lunch together or the bonding that would take place over months to come by coming together at “the big table” for a small portion of the day.

Day one wasn’t a full day. I secured a parking pass and completed human resources paperwork. Day one was a good day.

For new professionals soon to experience day one, good luck and enjoy! For current professionals, don’t be afraid to look back and measure how much you’ve grown from day one to today.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. Josh--I love your perspective on the growth from day one to today! Time flies, and those little memories tacked around our offices and our hearts really add up and mean a lot.

  2. Thanks for the inspiring post! I love to reflect back on day one. It's exciting to think about how many different day ones, we may have!


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