The Busier Time of the Year

Good morning Student Affairs world! It is absolutely one of the busier times of the year here in South Bend, IN. I thought I would share for first years, Student Affairs graduate students, and future Student Affairs colleagues what work and life in Student Activities might look like during this time of the year.

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012
 06:30 AM – Wake up
07:09 AM – Leave House
07:15 AM – Stop at Krispy Kreme
07:30 AM – E- Board meeting
07:30 AM – Where are the students?
07:37 AM – Meeting actually starts
08:30 AM – Head to Office
08:31 AM – Receive phone call from student setting up event.
08:40 AM – Head to Event
09:00 AM – Head to Office
09:10 AM – Move car
09:15 AM – Event #1 (Coffee and donut give-a-way)
09:45 AM – Return to Office
Emails, Phone Calls, Track down Contracts
10:30 AM – One-on-One with Student
11:00 AM – Weekly Department Meeting
11:00 AM – Realization that Students need help at Event #2
12:00 PM – Lunch and work
12:35 PM – Lunch with Co-worker
01:00 PM – Return to Office
Emails, Phone Calls, Contracts
Zone defense (Choosing priority of what to do first)
04:00 PM – Help Students set-up for Event #3 (Barbeque on the Quad)
Just why did it have to be cold and windy this day?
05:00 PM – Event #3 begins
07:30 PM – Head back to office to unthaw
08:13 PM – Walk to Car
08:20 PM - Home Sweet Home

How does your typical day look in Student Affairs? 

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. Probably not the most fair since I am a grad student :)
    8:00AM - Wake up, and write
    9:00AM - Fun on One with Assistant Director
    10:00AM - Summer Camp/Conferences Training
    12:15PM - Lunch and Social Advancement/Recognition Committee meeting
    1:00PM - Building Partner/Coordinator meeting
    3:00PM - Respond to emails, organize upcoming programing, paperwork, and oh yeah - emails
    4:00PM - Head to central housing office to check mail and chat with central staff
    4:45PM - Head to colleagues office and grab dinner
    6:00PM - Go to class
    8:50PM - Head to staff meeting or Complex Council

    For you future #SAgrad this is a busy day scenario not an every day :)


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