Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” This is a question heard in my office almost daily, and I couldn’t help but imagine how many other offices on campus are hearing the same question from each other and their students. Really, how many times have our offices heard this question at this point in the semester?

Well here we have twenty-odd days left of classes, a few more until buildings close, and lastly just a couple more until summer begins. As the days begin dwindling down and the weather gets warmer and warmer – I find my motivation to finish classwork and work becoming harder and harder to complete. Which led me to ask myself, what can I do as I end my first year in graduate school, to finish at my best? These are the two main ideas I want to end the semester on: :

Lessons to Learn. There is still so much more I have left to learn this year. As a matter of fact this weekend I finally learned how to make Buffalo Chicken Dip (recipe available upon request) from my supervisor, who is leaving at the end of the year. Just because there are only 20-something days left in this year does not mean there isn’t plenty left to learn.

The Future. A colleague and friend of mine tweeted, “Remember to reflect but not until you’re ready for that part of the experience. You have to live the experience first”. With recruitment and placement season on our hands it is easy to start getting excited for the future. One thing our department does is wait to do placement for new and returning staff until after all professional staff members have been hired. While we are all anxiously awaiting to find out our placement we are able to remain focused at the task at hand. How does your department do placement, and how do you stay focused on the task at hand? As we start to get ready for our new staff we can’t forget our current staff. I know this year I have learned a tremendous amount of things I want to implement next year, but really what is stopping me from trying a few things out now? Nothing! The future starts today!

Are we there yet? Well not quite, we will get there, but along the way remember what’s your Buffalo Chicken Dip lesson and what new things are you saving for next year that you can start practicing now?

In peace,

Ryan Bye

Student Affairs - the First Years

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  1. Great post, my dear friend and colleague. I think you make a wonderful point about not waiting until next year to implement new ideas. As I look at the little notebook that I've been keeping with exactly those ideas of new things to do and what things I need to do better, I too wonder why shouldn't I start moving in that direction now? We should always be trying to be better versions of ourselves, and we should always be helping our staffs and students to want to be better versions of themselves. Some of these ideas would even serve better to be implemented now (steadily) rather than suddenly in the fall. Just as I believe making new year resolutions isn't as effective as continually making resolutions and improvements is (which we've discussed), what good are we doing by holding back and waiting when some things can be implemented sooner rather than later? Thanks for sharing. You're always a delightful, thought provoking read.


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